Discover a tried and tested way for you to achieve happiness in 2006.

Imagine being happy all the time. How might your lifestyles be extraordinary if you have been glad all of the time?

All of us need to be happy. In fact in maximum polls people say that they need peace and happiness extra than anything else within the global. The trouble is: maximum folks are searching within the incorrect places.

But all has these days been discovered way to a multi disciplinary crew of six British professionals who span an expansion of disciplines from psychology, psychotherapy to economics who embarked on an uncommon social test.

Their unusual mission?

What does it take to make citizens of a town glad?

During their experiment in Slough, a commuter belt town, twenty miles from the centre of London they discovered 10 “seeds of happiness”.

Ten matters which whilst you do them all often will now not simplest improve your lifestyles to your network but will make you satisfied and contented.

What are they?

• Plant some thing and nurture it. When you water and feed plants they grow. When you water and feed the seeds of your hobby- they grow.

• At the give up of every day prevent and think how lucky you’re. Think of five things for your life which you are grateful for.

• Make time to speak in your accomplice. Every week sit down down for at the least an hour and speak along with your associate or a person you love. That’s one hour with out answering the ‘phone or looking TV or being attentive to song. One undisrupted hour with your beloved.

• Make that ‘cellphone name that you keep promising your self you will make. Contact the pal with whom you haven’t spoken for a while.

• Treat your self. Give your self a deal with every day and take the time to truely enjoy it. Be exact to your self. This easy act breeds; self confidence and positivity and happiness.

• Have an amazing snigger at the least once a day. Laughter facilitates to stimulate your immune device.
Research indicates that laughter is important for folks that continue to exist a coronary heart assault. It has been discovered that humans are much less in all likelihood to have a 2d assault, want much less medication and feature lower blood strain if they permit themselves to peer and laugh at humorous conditions each day.

• Exercise. Make the attempt to walk, run, jog, swim, whatever for 1/2 an hour 3 times every week. Guaranteed to reduce stress and make you experience exact.

• Every day smile at and/or say hiya to a stranger. Smiling isn’t always only top for the individual receiving it also makes you experience top too.

• How long do you spend looking TV? Research display that too much TV honestly reasons disappointment. So take some time to reduce your viewing time with the aid of half.

• Every Day do a terrific flip for someone.

Now it’s right down to you.


Implement the ten seeds of happiness into your existence for 2 months and spot the difference it makes.

It works.

Good Luck

Graham and Julie

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